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Affiliate Partnerdeals

Welcome to our Dreamgame Moneymaker program
Our Moneymaker program makes it possible for partners to earn money with us by selling our products. The way this works is very straight forward. As a partner you promote our products, you get 5% commission on each sale that is made as a result of your efforts. The only thing you need to do is register as an affiliate partner. After we have accepted your partner application you can start earning money straight away.

How it works
You register as an affiliate partner. As soon as your application has been accepted you can generate exclusive referral links through your account. These links are important as you will receive 5% commission on every sale that is made by a customer who entered the website through that link. You can also see the status of your affiliate partnership through your account and check how much traffic you generate, how much you have sold through your referral links, and how much your total comission is. This commission can then be transferred to your bank account, or used to buy games in our webshop.

Who can join
Our Moneymaker program is technically open to anyone. However, it is a lot easier to generate sales when you have a lot of followers or fans on social media, YouTube or a blog. The more people you tell about us, the more potential customers you bring in and the more money you earn.