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Prison Architect

Door Vitaly February 20, 2018 Geen reactie
Prison architect

A fresh morning in Greenfields Correctional. I wonder what this glorious day will bring us. A riot in the canteen? Perhaps. A Shanking in the hallways? Likely, yes. A prison riot? Could happen. I go over the options as a bus full of prisoners arrives at the gates. A murderer, a robber, and someone who pirated videogames. The latter also happens to be a gang member. Gotta diversify am I right? Prison Architect is one of those indie game done right. The simple and top down looks of the game are deceiving from the actual complexity of this tycoon simulator. I’m interrupted by an in-game phone call, someone started a fire in the kitchen. Better manage the heat, oxygen, or fuel out of that!

Wolfenstein II Review

Door Vitaly February 16, 2018 Geen reactie
Wolfenstein II

I remember playing Wolfenstein 3D despite my mother disapprove of it big time. Blazkowicz was a hero. Shootin’ nazi’s left right and center, only to top it off by blasting mecha Hitler into a puddle of gore and him crying in agony “Eva, auf wiedersehen”. Nothing makes me happier than to see that Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has captured these aspect perfectly. Much like The New Order, Wolfenstein II is a lovely FPS that doesn’t take itself too serious, which I think is as impressive as it is good since it revolves around such a serious subject. Although the ending of the previous game was inconclusive whether or not old B.J. survived, he is very much alive in Wolfenstein II. And boy does this piss the regime off…

Beat your friends in UFC 2

Door Tom January 29, 2018 Geen reactie
UFC 22" />

If there’s one game that gets me going it has to be UFC 2. When I play with friends I have only one goal: beat the shit out of them. Not actually, of course, but digitally works fine. UFC 2 gives you the opportunity to lose yourself in the game and fight like you’ve never fought before. A tactical knockout with a spectacular combo, or fight it out on the ground, either way it’s your choice. There are a total of 8 fighting styles to beat the light out of your opponents in the game. Sounds aggressive? That’s because it is! It’s also what makes this game fun to play.

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Fortnite Battle Royale Review

Door Tom November 30, 2017 Geen reactie

Fornite is a new free to play game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There are 2 different game modes, the Battle Royale (free to play) and save the world mode (purchased). In this blog I will review the Fortnite Battle Royale mode and why it has 10 million players after 2 weeks.

Sofware Inc. Review

Door Vitaly October 3, 2017 Geen reactie
Software Inc.

Every time I tell people about how fun this game is they give me this blank stare of complete misunderstanding. “So you have to develop… software?” Not just that, there is loads of micromanagement too. You can pick a certain market as your speciality and stick to developing 2D editors. Or go all-in and become the next Bill Gates! Let’s talk about Sofware Inc.

Factorio: The Industrialist Dream

Door Vitaly September 29, 2017 Geen reactie

Miles of conveyerbelts carry all sorts of raw materials and end products from machine to machine. Iron ore is turned into iron which is turned into more conveyerbelts, weapons, engines, machines, even glass bottles with.. science? Theres something inherentlty satisfying at seeing this game at work, filling up conveyerbelts and chests, all working towards this end goal of launching a missile into space at the cost of the enviroment. Sure you’ll upset some local aliens, but did I mention conveyerbelts?

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Door Vitaly September 8, 2017 Geen reactie
Wolfenstein: The New Order

“Get down in the turret and shoot those planes!”, without hesitation I follow the orders and start shooting away left, right and center. Everyhing that flies is a target, jet powered fighters are trying to shoot our bomber down. But i’m B.J. Blazkowicz and i’ll be damned if I let those nazi scum win the war. Little did I know about killer robot dogs and half robot super soldiers.

Oculus Rift

Door Gurty September 1, 2017
Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift has been on the market for roughly a year. But how fares it with this peace of hardware? What about the exclusive titles? And how does this VR (virtual reality) glasses compare to its competitors like the HTC Vive or PlayStation VR?

9 Things I Learned The Hard Way Whilst Playing The Escapists

Door Vitaly August 25, 2017
Wolfenstein: The New Order

With The Escapist 2 as a highly anticipated sequel tot he first game, I figured it was about time to figure out what the fuzz is all about. As a veteran gamer myself, it shouldn’t be so hard to try and escape a 2d top down prison right?... Right?... Here’s my list of 9 things I learned the hard way whilst playing The Escapists.

Hotline Miami

Door Vitaly August 18, 2017
Hotline Miami

I put on my tiger mask as synthwave plays in the background. The 80’s vibe is strong and fueled by the brightly colored 2D sprites that make up this top down shooter. As I run into a room with guns blazing, it doesn’t take long before the scene turns Tarantino with blood and guts covering every surface. The critically acclaimed Hotline Miami received cult status in 2012, and for good reason.