Installing Steam

Installing Steam Client on PC


1 How do you install Steam client software?      

2 Create a Steam Account?

3 How do you activate a Steam Key?


1. How do you install Steam?

In order to use Steam, install the Client Software. To do this, follow the steps below.


1.Go to

2.Click on top of the bar on "Install Steam"

3.You now get to see a new Web page, click again on "install now" this will make the Steam Client be downloaded

4.Once the Steam Client is downloaded, click on URSteamSetup.exe to start the installation

5.Once the installation is started you will get to see the screen below, click on "next"

6.You will now get to see the user agreement , check that you agree to and then click "next"

7.You will now get the opportunity to select your language. Once the appropriate language ischosen then click on "next"

8.Steam will now ask for your chosen installation spot, by default this option is on C:\Program Files\Steam.

9.Once installation is complete you will get the screen below. Click on "Finish" to start Steam


2. How do you activate a Steam Key?

Steam is now launched, click on "create new Account" to create an account. Do you already have an account, please fill in your details and click on "log in"


Open Steam and log in first.

Activate Steam Key: to get your  just purchased product activation, make sure you are logged in on Steam.

Follow the steps below to activate your product and add it to your Game Library.

1. Once logged in, in the lower left corner click on "+ ADD GAME"

2. Then click "Activate Product on Steam"

3. You now have the activation procedure started, click on "next >"

4. Now you get to see a user agreement, click "I agree"

5. Now you get to see the screen where you need to enter your purchased product code. This you have received by email or can you see back in your account at Enter your product code and click "next"

6. Steam will now activate your product key and add it to your library

7. As soon as the activation is completed Steam will let you see an overview which game you have just activated. Click "next"

8. Steam will now ask you to download your new Game. Click "next >"

9. Steam now asks if you also want to have icons on your Desktop/desktop. Place a check mark or take them away and then click "next"

10.De  activation of your Game is complete, click "Finish" to continue. Your Game will now be in your Game Library and will be downloaded. How long this takes depends on your downloading speed.

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