Xbox Game Pass 3 Maanden

Krijg onbeperkt toegang tot ruim 100 Xbox One- en Xbox 360-games op Xbox One tegen één lage prijs per maand.


Ontdek en download games die je altijd al hebt willen spelen of speel opnieuw favorieten die je al lang niet meer hebt gespeeld. Games worden geselecteerd op basis van hun classificatie en het plezier dat anderen eraan beleven. Als je een Xbox One-game uit de bestaande catalogus wilt hebben, kun je die kopen met tot 20% korting. Je krijgt bovendien tot 10% korting op de bijbehorende uitbreidingen en verbruiksartikelen. Xbox Game Pass maakt de weg vrij voor eindeloos speelplezier, omdat er steeds weer nieuwe games worden toegevoegd.


Gebruik je actieve Xbox Game Pass voor console-abonnement om games te spelen op Xbox One. Gametitels en -aantallen verschillen per periode en per land.

Dreamgame treedt op als intermediair namens Microsoft Corporation (zie artikel 9.3 van onze Algemene Voorwaarden)

This Agreement between you and Microsoft Corporation (or, based on where you live, one of its affiliates) ("we," "us," "our," or "Microsoft") describes how you can redeem a gift card to your Microsoft account and make purchases using that gift card at participating stores owned by us (collectively "Participating Stores"), including but not limited to Microsoft Store online, Microsoft Store on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 (Xbox Live required), using your Microsoft account. When we use the term "gift card", we mean any physical or digital stored value card or voucher that’s redeemed to your Microsoft account and can be used to buy Products at Participating Stores. Unless you are in the European Economic Area (EEA) the gift card balance is issued and managed by Microsoft Corporation, a Washington Corporation, and/or its affiliates. If you are in the EEA, the gift card balance is issued and managed by Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited.

This Agreement has important terms about our relationship. It also incorporates our Microsoft Services Agreement, which includes the terms governing your Microsoft account and (for U.S. residents only) a binding arbitration clause and class action waiver that affects your rights about how to resolve any dispute with Microsoft.


1. Scope of agreement; acceptance of terms

1.1 What services are covered by this Agreement? This Agreement governs the use of the value, or balance, stored in your Microsoft account to make eligible purchases ("Products ") through compatible devices at Participating Stores. To the extent permitted under applicable law, we may add, discontinue, remove, or suspend the availability, features, specifications, and prices regarding your account balance or the Products made available at the Participating Stores, temporarily or permanently, at any time, without liability, as described in this Agreement

1.2 How do I accept this Agreement? You accept this Agreement when you purchase a gift card , redeem a gift card to your Microsoft account, or use money stored in your Microsoft account to make purchases at Participating Stores.

1.3 Can Microsoft change this Agreement after I have accepted it? We may add to, change, or remove any part of this Agreement from time to time. If we change any material terms that would adversely affect your rights as they are presented to you in this Agreement, we will notify you, either through your Microsoft account, in an email notification, or through other reasonable electronic means.



2. Microsoft accounts

2.1 Do I need a Microsoft account? Yes. To make purchases at Participating Stores, you must have an active Microsoft account. You can redeem gift cards to your Microsoft account, view your current account balance and any expiration dates associated with promotional balance in your account, or update your personal information.


2.2 How do I add money to my Microsoft account? You can add money to your Microsoft account by logging into your Microsoft account and redeeming a relevant gift card and/or code . We call this "redeeming your gift card." When redeemed, the full value that the card is associated with will be added to your Microsoft account. Additional terms and conditions may also accompany the gift card. Except as required by applicable law, gift cards can't be redeemed or exchanged for cash and aren't reloadable. If you live in an EU country where local law provides a "cooling-off period," you may return non-redeemed gift cards for a full refund within 14 days of purchasing the gift card. However, once redeemed, you acknowledge that no refund will be made. If you purchase a gift card from a third party that is not Microsoft, then that third party's return policies apply. Microsoft isn't responsible if your gift card is lost, stolen, misplaced, or used without your permission.


2.3 Are there any expiration dates or fees? Non-promotional account balance doesn’t expire. Any promotional balance in your Microsoft account is subject to expiration as set forth in the terms of the promotion. There are no fees associated with keeping a balance in your account, whether acquired on a promotional basis or not.

2.4 How do I make purchases at Participating Stores? You may use your account balance to purchase Products at Participating Stores only. You must log into your Microsoft account to make the purchase. Unexpired promotional balance will be deducted (in order of the most proximate expiration date) from your Microsoft account before any other balance.

If you don't have sufficient money in your Microsoft account to complete a purchase, you must use another form of payment registered with your Microsoft account to cover the remaining purchase amount, charge the entire purchase to the other payment option in lieu of your account balance, or add additional value to your Microsoft account, as available.

When you purchase Products using money in your account, we will deduct an amount of your account balance equivalent to the cost of the purchase. If you purchase third party Products from a Participating Store using your account balance (or your account balance together with another payment option), then such payment to us will be deemed payment to that third party, and you will have no further payment obligation to the third party.

You may not use your account balance for certain in-app subscriptions or purchases or to obtain cash or cash substitutes (e.g., gift certificates), except where required by law. Each Participating Store may impose additional purchase restrictions or exclusions. Microsoft doesn't issue refunds for Products purchased from Participating Stores , except where required by law. If we accept a return (including if we do so on behalf of a third party whose Products you have purchased), we will credit your Microsoft account with the same amount of money that was used to purchase the returned Products.

2.5 Do any restrictions apply to the use of the money in my Microsoft account at Participating Stores? The following restrictions and requirements apply:

Your ability to redeem a Microsoft gift card to your Microsoft account and use that money at Participating Stores may require certain hardware or software specifications, including Internet access service (connect time charges may apply).

Denominations in a certain currency may only be added to a Microsoft account registered in the jurisdiction that recognizes such currency as an official currency, and then may only be used at Participating Stores available in the jurisdiction where the account is registered. Your account balance cannot be converted to another currency.

Your Microsoft account balance is non-transferable to another person or Microsoft account.

Your ability to redeem a gift card or receive refunds to your Microsoft account, use that money to make purchases at Participating Stores, or to purchase and send a gift card may be subject to additional restrictions as determined by Microsoft from time to time in its sole discretion. For further information about these additional account balance restrictions, see Limits on the money in your Microsoft account.

We may further restrict your ability to access or use your Microsoft account balance or require you to use a different payment option to complete a transaction, in order to prevent fraud or unauthorized use.


3. Suspension; termination; forfeiture

If you violate the terms of this Agreement, we may take any action against you that we deem appropriate, including suspending or terminating access to your Microsoft account or any balance in your account, or your right to purchase or redeem gift cards or to purchase Products. During a suspension, you won't lose the money in your account, except for any promotional value that may expire during the suspension period. We won't credit your Microsoft account for any promotional value that expires during the suspension period for any reason.

If we close your Microsoft account, we will refund to you any remaining balance to the extent required by law. However, we won't refund any promotional balance. If you have a gift card that you have not redeemed, you will not be able to use that gift card to redeem to your Microsoft account and we will not refund to you the cost of that gift card. These rules are subject to certain additional conditions that Microsoft may impose from time to time.

If a refund is required, we reserve the right to withhold any balance in your account to cover any damages that we incur. If you voluntarily close your Microsoft account, we will refund to you any remaining balance in your account where required by law except for any promotional balance, subject to certain conditions that Microsoft may impose from time to time, unless we, in good faith, suspect fraud or misuse of your Microsoft account, in which case you may not receive a refund.


4. Notices to parties

This Agreement is provided in electronic form. We may provide you information in electronic form about this Agreement, your account balance, and any information the law requires us to provide. We may provide required information to you by email at the address you specified in your Microsoft account, or on certain Microsoft websites. Notices emailed to you will be deemed given and received when the email is sent. If you don't consent to receive information electronically, you must stop using your account balance.


5. Customer service

For any questions or disputes regarding your gift card purchases, access and use of your account balance, issues with Products purchased using your account balance, or to report the unauthorized use of your account balance, please contact Microsoft Customer Support.

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