Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate - Terry Bogard Challenger Pack

  • Release Date: 06.11.2019

  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian

  • OS: Switch

  • Type: Downloadable Content

  • Publisher: Nintendo

  • Delivery Method: Digital

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Here he comes! It's the martial artist from South Town they call the Legendary Wolf: Terry Bogard from the FATAL FURY series! Better not back him into a corner; he's got some wicked super special moves!
His stage is the King of Fighters Stadium, which has invisible walls at either side. Use them to launch your opponents at high speed and KO them hard! Includes a whopping 50 tracks, 17 of which are remixed!


This downloadable content set contains the following:
・ Fighter: Terry Bogard
・ Stage: King of Fighters Stadium
・ Music: 50 tracks (*1)
・ Smash tag icons: 3
・ Spirits: Terry Bogard (*2)
・ Spirit Board additions: Spirits from the FATAL FURY, Art of Fighting, THE KING OF FIGHTERS, SAMURAI SHODOWN and Ikari Warriors series, as well as spirits from Psycho Soldier that were added in Ver. 6.0.0. (*3) (*4)


*1 Can be found in Vault → Sounds.
*2 Collectable via Classic Mode or the Shop on the Vault menu after purchasing this set.
*3 You can get these spirits from Vault → Shop even without purchasing this set.
*4 Check the "Software update available: Ver. 6.0.0" news update for details on these spirits.


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