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Welcome at Dreamgame

Who we are

Dreamgame is your webshop for digital game and software keys. We are official retailer of the largest publishers, and specialised in selling digital game keys for PC and Mac. We offer thousands of games and software at competitive prices. Our products range from smaller budget titles to larger ‘tripple A’ games. We also have regular discounts, often as much as 75% off. Our complete range of products can be found in our webshop, our offers can be found at our Dreamdeals.

Where we come from

Dreamgame was founded in 2013 when a group of hardcore gamers decided to turn their hobbies into their jobs. This resulted in a simple webshop where games were sold for competitive prices. Initially we only sold games in the Netherlands, yet today we sell game keys in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the USA.

What makes us unique

We have over 25 years of experience in the gaming industry. Gaming is in our DNA. We dont just sell games, we play them too! As experts on games and gaming, we know exactly what matters to our customers; offical and honest games that can be played instantly for attractive prices.

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Official retailer

Because we are an official retailer, we offer only 100% honest and official game keys. We are official retailer of the largest publishers in the world, among which are Paredox, Bethesda, 2K, Rockstar and Atari, just to name a few.

Direct download delivery

We offer digital products only, namely game and product keys. The biggest advantage is that these can be sent through email. After you completed your purchase, you will receive your key digitally. This key can be used to activate and download your game or software, which means you get to enjoy your product immediately! Buying game or software keys is no different than buying a product in the store. Want to know more about game keys? You can read all about it here!

Secure shopping and downloading

Our webshop is secured digitally which ensures you can browse and shop without worry. Your payment information stays secured and private at all times when you make a purchase. You can recognize a secured website by the green lock in the address bar >

24/7 delivery

Early bird or night-owl? No problem! Day or night, it is always possible to order products at Dreamgame. Because of our direct download delivery, you can instantly enjoy your purchase at any time of the day!

Customer service

If you encounter any problems during the purchase, delivery or installation of your product feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to help! You can contact us by clicking on the blue button in the bottem right corner and leaving a message. You can also mail or call us during business hours. Please be advised that our business hours run from 9:00am to 5:00PM UTC+01:00 time. You can find our contact information here.

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What we do as well

Naturally we are always on the look for the best discounts of the hottest games. We inform you about these deals through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also regularly post our deals on Reddit. Furthermore, we write blogs about games or the latest gaming developments. Want to actively stay up to date about all our deals without having to check all your social channels? You can sign up for our newsletter!

YouTube Partnerdeal

We offer special deals for YouTubers who wish to collaborate with us. More information about what we offer can be obtained by contacting us on info@dreamgame.com and using the subject headline “YouTube partnerdeal”.

More questions?

If you have questions about problems reguarding our products, check out our FAQ or send a mail to support@dreamgame.com. You have other questions that haven’t been answered by us even after reading the FAQ? Contact us at info@dreamgame.com. We are happy to help you!