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Boneless Zombie

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Product Description

NOTICE: Activation key must be used on a valid Steam account. Requires an internet connection.

About the game

Stretch his arms and legs and seize freedom!

Boneless Zombie is a unique 2D physics platformer in which you control a rubber-bodied zombie and make for the goal.

His elastic body stretches and retracts at will. Put it to good use?climb walls and cling to the ceiling as you head for the goal.


This is the laboratory of a certain organization. At this laboratory, researchers kidnapped people and used them as guinea pigs in their attempts to develop a new type of zombie. One day, the organization succeeded in developing a new type of zombie from a young man they'd kidnapped. They named it "Boneless Zombie." The zombie had no bones and could not walk. To compensate, its body was as elastic as rubber, and could stretch its arms and legs at will.

The young man who'd been turned into this zombie had a girlfriend. The girlfriend kept searching for her kidnapped lover, and at last she reached the laboratory where he was held. She'd finally found him, but the young man she saw had changed almost beyond recognition. However, she saw in his expression a sort of twisted sadness. This convinced her that even if he looked different, his heart was still the same. Determined, she slipped past the security guards and managed to rescue him from his cultivation capsule.

Panicked that Boneless Zombie had gotten out of his cultivation capsule, the researchers activated all their zombie-destroying traps and evacuated the laboratory. Boneless Zombie lost sight of his girlfriend as she was taken away by researchers. Left alone, the young man put his new boneless body to work and struggled to escape from the laboratory, while holding on to the hope that his girlfriend had gotten out safely...

Key Features

Novel stretchy zombie action.
Unique yet simple controls.
Various gimmicks and traps.
Equipped with a self-destruct function.
Bizarre physical motions.
Gather the bones scattered across the stages.

System Requirements

Windows - Minimum
  • OS : Windows 7/8/8.1
  • Processor : 2Ghz
  • Memory : 2 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive : 500 MB available space
  • Graphics : DirectX compatible card
  • Sound card : DirectX-compatible sound
  • DirectX : Version 11
System Requirements
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Additional Info

Genre Action
Activation Steam
Releasedate 2015-07-27
Language English
Operation system Windows
Product Type Standard Edition
Publisher Sticky Rice Games
Shipping Method Digital
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