Frequently Asked Questions



What can I do with a Dreamgame account?
You can use a Dreamgame account to keep track of all your orders in our webstore. An account also allows you to save and collect bonus points based on every purchase you make.

How do I make a Dreamgame account?
Click on ‘my account’ in the top menu. Then click on ‘make account’ on the account page. You want to make an account right now? Click here.

How can I remove my Dreamgame account?
It is not possible to remove your Dreamgame account personally due to safety concerns. If, for whatever reason, you wish to delete your Dreamgame account, please contact our customer support.

How can I log in?
You can log in your Dreamgame account by clicking on ‘login’ in the top menu. Proceed to enter your name and password and lick on ‘log in. Click here to log in.

I forgot my password, how do I get it back?
If you forgot your Dreamgame account password, you can easily request a new password. Click on ‘login’ or ‘my account’ in the top menu. On the account page, click on ‘forgot password?’ and procees the described steps. Need a new password?

How can I add games to my favourites?
Make sure you are logged into your Dreamgame account. When you are on a product page, click on ‘add to wish list’ to add a product to your wish list. You can find this text under the green button ‘add to cart’.



How can I contact you?
Via ive chat on the website, per email via, via telephone on +31553124766, or with a direct message on Facebook. You can find a complete overview here.

When can I contact you?
Our working hours are weekdays between 10:00-15:00 CE(S)T, 5 days a week.

What language can I contact you in?
For best results, contact us in English or Dutch.

I am having troubles with my game, can you help?
If you are having troubles activating your game key then we are here to help. Although we might be able to assist with other issues regarding your game, this isn’t always the case. If you are experiencing technical issues with the game itself, it’s best to contact the publisher of the game.

Game keys


What is a game key?
A game key is a series of numbers and letters which can be used to activate a game. Want to know more?

Why a game key?
Many software companies choose to send game keys rather than CD’s. Among a variety of reasons are the cost of shipping, the inflexibility of a CD in terms up product updates, and the delivery time. Often modern games can only exclusively be bought as a game key.

How can I activate a game key?
This depends on the game and publisher of the game. Most used programs for activation are Steam, Uplay, Origin and Battlenet. The method of activation is always shown on the product page.

Where can I find my game key?
If you don’t own a Dreamgame account you can only find your game key in the product mail. If you have a Dreamgame account, you can also find your game key here.

There’s no game key in my product mail?
Some games don’t need a game key for activation. This is only the case with a very limited number of games. If you feel that this isn’t right and you do need a game key, contact our customer support.

Can I reuse a game key?
No. A game key can only be used to activate a product once. However, if you activate your game through a program like Steam, it will be added to your Steam account as your game. This means you can always reinstall the game.

Do you have game keys for consoles?
Not yet, but we are working on it!

Are keys region locked?
We only sell game keys on that can be activated in Europe. If you are looking for keys for North America, you can use our US website.

How do I install a game?
This depends on the game. Generally, you can find the download and installation instruction of a game in the product mail. Having troubles still? Feel free to contact us.


What payment methods are there?
It’s always possible to pay with a creditcard. In the United Kingdom it’s also possible to pay with SEPA Bank Transfer and Online Banking by Paysafe. You can find the full list of payment methods here.

Can I use PayPal?
Not yet, but we are working on it!

My payment failed, what now?
It may happen that a payment fails for whatever reason. In that case, no costs will be billed to your account and you can just place a new order. If you believe that costs have been billed even when it says a payment has failed, feel free to contact our customer support.

Can I refund my game?
It is not possible to return and refund delivered game keys, it doesn’t matter if these keys are used or not. Make sure you select the correct game for the correct platform before you order your game.

Can I order more than one game?
Due to safety concerns it’s not possible to order more than one game at a time. However, it is possible to place multiple orders on the same day.

How do I buy a product?
Click on the product page on the button ‘Add to cart’, then click on ‘Proceed to checkout’. Enter the required fields, accept the terms and conditions, and choose a method of payment. Now follow the necessary steps to complete the payment.

Can you look into my credit card information?
Absolutely not. All data is encrypted and only used by the payment provider to charge the cost of the game.



How long do I have to wait for my game?
After payment, you will receive your game key within 5 minutes on the email address provided in the payment information.

I did not receive my game key, what now?
It can happen that a game key ends up in the spam or marketing folder. If this is not the case, contact our customer support.

Do you sell games on CD or DVD?
No. We are an exclusive and official retailer of game keys which can be used to activate a game.


Why do I need Steam?
Most games use platforms of third parties for activation. Steam is by far the most used platform. The advantage of Steam and a Steam account is that games are added to your account and can always be installed from here. Consider it a digital ‘bookshelf’ for your games.

How do I install Steam?
Visit the Steam website and click on Install Steam. Open the downloaded file called ‘SteamSetup.exe’ and follow the installation instructions.

How do I make a Steam account?
Visit the Steam website and click on ‘Join Steam’. Follow the registration instructions.


How do I activate a game via Steam?
Open the Steam client on your PC (not the website). Click on the button ‘+Add Game…’ in the bottom left corner and select ‘Activate product on Steam’. Click on ‘next’, accept the term, enter the game key and click on ‘next’ once more. Your game is now activated!

How do I install a game via Steam?
Open the Steam client on your PC (not the website) and make sure you have activated the game. Click in the Steam client on ‘Library’ and select ‘Games’. Chose the game in your library that you want installed, select this game and press ‘Install’


How do I know if a game will work on my PC?
Check the ‘System Requirements’ section on the product page and see if your PC meets the minimum requirements

My GTA Shark Card doesn’t work, what now?
Unfortunately, this is a very common problem which we cannot solve for you. If this is the case, you should contact the Rockstar support. They can look into your Social Club account and see what went wrong and how to solve it. Luckily, we are an official retailer, which means you are entitled to Rockstar support. Need Rockstar support?

What is Dreamgame?
Dreamgame is an official retailer of game and software keys, founded in 2013 in the Netherlands. Want to know more?

I have a different question!

No problem! Just contact our customer support.

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