Paris 1313 The mystery of Notre-Dame cathedral

  • Release date: 2001-01-01

  • Publisher: Microids

  • Language: US

  • Platform: PC

Paris, Year of our Lord 1313
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Paris, Year of our Lord 1313. As the celebrations are in full swing in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral, Adam, a young, ingenious goldsmith working on behalf of the king, mysteriously disappears... Who is so keen for him to vanish? What is his secret? What secret invention was he working on? Jacques, his brother, actress Rosemonde, and circus-rider Pierre de Cinnq-Ormes each set off in search of the truth behind his disappearante. Play the role of these 3 characters in turn, but beware, do not neglect one in favour of another! They will need each other's assistance if they are to get to the heart of the mysterious disappearance at Notre-Dame Cathedral. You will nedd to have your wits about you if you are to avoid all the traps, find the clues and act in time.

  • Measure up to the champions in an archery contest!

  • Will you find allies in king Philip's court?

  • The taverns of Paris : Death-traps or mines of information?

  • Discover the colours of Notre-Dame Cathedral as they will never be seen again.

  • Thanks to the collaboration of the Musée National du Moyen Age, (National Museum of th Muddle Ages)experience a unique adventure in a faithfully reconstituted medieval Paris.

  • Pentium 133
  • 32Mb of RAM
  • High-colour video-card
  • SoundBlaster compatible 16 bit sound-card
Graphic Card:

8 MB

Hard disk:

2500 MB

Internal ref:



Vista/Win XP/98/95




133 Mhz


32 MB

Direct X:


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