Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator - TOKYO DELIGHT

Explore Japanese gastronomy with the TOKYO DELIGHT pack.

Add 8 iconic Japanese recipes to your menu, all of which can be upgraded up to 3 times. Prepare delicious ramen, tempura, gyoza and, of course, traditional sushi.

Use 24 new ingredients to prepare your dishes, including wasabi, soy sauce and miso, to offer new taste experiences to your customers.

Master the art of preparing sushi rice with a new dedicated cooking station. You control the amount of vinegar to add to achieve the right balance and create the perfect rice, an essential component of the cuisine from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Transform your restaurant into a cosy izakaya worthy of the streets of Tokyo with 54 interior decor items.

Enhance your presentation with 5 new items for plating your dishes.
Dress your chef like an authentic sushi chef with an iconic new outfit.

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